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Don’t Let Blisters from New Shoes Ruin Your Big Day

The day has finally come. It may be a wedding, a reunion, a party or your first day in a new job – but it’s finally here. You’ve been preparing for a long time. You bought a new outfit, hit the gym a few extra times, you’ve even got a fresh haircut. And after shopping for days and days, you even found the perfect pair of shoes. They’re not too dressy, not too casual and they look amazing with your outfit. They’ll put a strut in your step and make you feel like a million dollars. Nothing can stop you in these shoes. So, now you’re all set for the big occasion. What could go wrong?

Well unfortunately, a lot of times what comes with a brand new, perfect pair of shoes is a brand new painful blister. And that can develop very quickly. We know what you’re thinking, Why me? Why today? Well, new shoes often need to be worn in to adjust to your feet. The pressure and friction that occurs between your new shoe and your foot is what causes that painful, annoying blister – and that can ruin anyone’s special day.

Imagine, it’s your wedding day and you want to glow with happiness, greet all your guests with a smile and dance the night away with your partner as you’re surrounded by family and friends, but now that you have a blister, every step you take is excruciatingly painful. The regular plaster your aunt found in her purse for your foot just isn’t cutting it. You’re sitting at the top table, watching all your guests dance, wishing you had a spare set of feet.

Or imagine it’s your first day of a new job and you want to start off with the right energy and a can-do attitude, but it’s 9:30 and you already have a blister. Your new boss is walking you through the office and the pain from your left foot is almost debilitating. It’s getting hard for you to hide the pain on your face; hard for you to smile at all your new colleagues; and even harder for you to focus on the work at hand. On a day when you’re meant to step up, all you want to do is take off your shoe and hide in the toilet until it’s time to go home.

We’ve all been there. Instead of walking on air, you’re sitting down in pain. You’re not shaking hands, meeting new people, you’re not smiling – you’re just not you! Blisters can turn what was meant to be an incredible day into a painful disappointment.

How to Help Blisters From New Shoes

Never fear, with anti-blister sticks and blister plasters you can prevent blisters from ever ruining your big day again. As soon as you feel a spot on your foot begin to get irritated, immediately apply the anti-blister stick to reduce the friction, or if a blister has already formed, use a blister plaster to relieve the pain and protect the wound. It’s a quick and simple way to save your feet and keep you on track. So, the next time you have a special occasion that requires brand new shoes, nothing will stop you.