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"A blister is a serious business when it comes to hiking: it needs proper treatment. Compeed plaster will provide immediate pain relief to keep you on track."

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"How to treat that seemingly innocuous yet debilitating blister that’s keeping you from reaching your goals? Compeed provides fast healing to keep you on track.”

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Wearing your new shoes can often result in a blister. Next time, don’t forget to carry a Compeed blister plaster, your feet will thank you.

Walking a lot or on your feet all day, and your feet are throbbing from a painful blister? Compeed will ease the pain to get you through this and keep you on track!

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Meet our podiatrist

Podiatrist Beverly Ashdown guides you through the most common foot care symptoms and treatment.





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Join Jules on a mission

Follow Jules as she finds out more about cold sores and the different treatments available.





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