Bunion Advice and Treatment Bunion Advice and Treatment Bunion Advice and Treatment

Bunion Advice and Treatment

Bunion care

Bunions are bony bumps on the side of your foot. Bunions can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. By continuing to read this section you will find advice on how to tackle this issue, limit its progression and ease the pain.


How to treat a bunion?

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Bunions Treatment

The most effective methods for bunion management is to avoid activities or footwear, such as high heels or narrow shoes, which lead to inflammation of the joint. You can provide some relief by padding the bunions using products such as COMPEED® Bunion Plasters. In extreme cases, Bunions can be removed by surgery.

Bunions - Frequently asked questions

What are bunions?

Bunions are hard lumps on the big toe joint. They can be incredibly painful.

What causes bunions?

Inward pressure on the toes can lead to bunions, as the toe points towards the foot and the joint is pushed out. Tight and uncomfortable shoes can also aggravate this condition.

Bunions can also be caused by underlying medical conditions, if in doubt consult your doctor.

How to treat bunions?

Surgery is the only permanent cure for bunions. Fortunately, you can minimise friction and rubbing on the hardened area. COMPEED® Bunion Plasters cushion the skin to prevent further rubbing, providing instant relief from pressure and hardened skin.

How can I prevent bunions?

It may be possible to delay the progression of bunions by taking extra care of your feet. Avoid unnecessary pressure by wearing properly fitting shoes, especially near the joint and toe area. For those occasions where you might wish to wear less comfortable shoes, cushion the area to minimise pressure.