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COMPEED® Blister

Watch our informative advice videos, with a qualified podiatrist, on treatment and prevention of blisters Symptons

Beverley Ashdown, Podiatrist, S.R.Ch., M.Ch.S., M.Pod.A., D.Pod.M., H.P.C has received a gratuity from the makers of COMPEED® for her advice and contribution to the making of this video. If you are concerned about the health of your feet you should contact your GP or a registered podiatrist. Diabetics: consult with your doctor before use.


Blisters are painful fluid filled lesions that can develop in response to pressure and friction. They develop over a site of repeated rubbing usually because of badly fitting shoes or if the foot is mishapen by clawing of the toes or a bunion for example. Blisters develop very quickly and can take several days to heal. If a blister breaks open it can become infected and extremely painful.


Should a blister form, action should be taken to minimise complications. Try to avoid wearing anything that rubs and apply a pressure relieving pad such as a COMPEED®Blister patch. Applying a COMPEED® Blister Patch can help prevent further progression of the blister as the cushioning layer forms a barrier against friction. The patch contains hydrocolloid technology which creates an optimum environment for wound healing while instantly reducing pain. Its also waterproof & helps protect the wound from harmful bacteria & dirt. The patch should not be removed too soon, wait until it starts to lift at the edges and then it can gently and easily be peeled off in the bath. Do not deliberately burst the blister but if it does open clean it with mild soapy water, soak it in a salt water footbath for 10 minutes and cover with a protective pad such as COMPEED®.


If you know that you are prone to blisters, protect the susceptible areas before they develop. To help eliminate friction wear 2 pairs of thin socks when you exercise and protect the susceptible skin with products such as COMPEED® Anti-blister stick or COMPEED® blister patch, especially if you have an occasion planned when new shoes are necessary.