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Cold Sore Tips

COMPEED® Discreet Cold Sore Patch Investigated

Follow unstoppable city girl Jules as she does battle with irritating cold sores. Jules tries COMPEED® Discreet Cold Sore Patch and gets advice from a make-up expert before taking to the streets: can the public tell she’s got a cold sore? And what bizarre alternative remedies are out there? Watch now to find out!

Episode 1: Meet Jules a real sufferer on a real mission

Get to know Jules and her cold sore story.

Episode.2: Professional Tips for Cover Up

Jules discovers how simple it is to make her cold sore invisible and gets a few tips from a professional make-up artist.

Episode 3: Does Anyone Notice?

Jules and make-up artist Kavita hit the streets to see if anyone can spot the COMPEED® Discreet Cold Sore Patch.

Episode.4: Home Remedies, Truth or Myth?

Old wives’ tales or proper cold sore treatments? Jules asks the public about alternative remedies and finds out what a leading dermatologist thinks.

Episode 5: COMPEED® Vs. Antiviral Cream

Jules investigates the differences between the well-known acyclovir antiviral treatments and COMPEED® Discreet Cold Sore Patch.