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Transform Your Walk to a Graceful Glide

How do you walk in high heels? We could debate this for hours but what Unstoppable Woman has this long?

  1. When buying heels pick a heel you feel comfortable with – not that fashion dictates the new you. Who’s wearing the shoe them or you?
  2. Before you purchase try on the shoe – walk to the furthest, not closest, mirror. Check you can get there before you buy or, if shopping online, walk up and down your stairs, carpeted or tiled – don’t scuff but be sure.
  3. When walking circle your hips. Shoulders back, head high and keep the weight rocking from heel to toe.
  4. Once they’re yours – practice wearing and walking. At home practice on carpet as well as the kitchen floor, wear for an evening in, or the length of your favourite DVD – let your feet get used to the fit and the shoe get used to you.
  5. Great shoes are good friends – they have to like, not fight your feet.
  6. Know a good cobbler and have a great pair of socks – some shoes need easing in, if you have sensitive feet wear socks on a practice run to gently stretch and locate any problem areas.
  7. High Heels are there to make you look and feel fabulous. COMPEED® blister plasters are there to make sure you are Unstoppable and the stylish new design by Jordi Labanda makes it an essential for every fashionista’s handbag.