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Pedicure Protection and Perfection

From the hot date to that crucial job interview or a girl’s night out and dancing till dawn, the Unstoppable Woman never stops – so neither can your feet!

Why do we get more blisters than men? Can’t argue this: we buy more shoes – so rather than stop shopping we need to care for our feet.

  1. Happy feet are clean and healthy. Pedicures, DIY or professional, are recommended monthly, view as essential time out for your feet.
  2. Dry feet thoroughly, especially between the toes, exfoliate dry heels, smooth rough heels with a pumice or foot file and don’t forget to moisturize.
  3. Colour and cut the toes – especially when wearing open toes and summer sandals. Always cut toenails straight across, not rounded, and visit a podiatrist, not a beautician, if any infection appears.
  4. After the pummel and prettify why not add a splash of colour? This is your most hardworking asset, reward it with summer neons, sultry plums, sophisticated jungle red – bring out your sparkling pedi-personality. Coordinate with your mood as much as your shoes and let the Unstoppable Woman enjoy every step!