Be The Unstoppable Woman. How to survive in high heels guide.

The Happy Feet 10 Commandments

  1. Variety is the spice of life – vary your look and your footwear.

  2. Don’t wear one style till it wears out, your feet will do likewise.

  3. Rules are made to be broken – have you tried ballet pumps or biker boots with black tie, and who says house work can’t be done in high heels?

  4. Practice makes perfect – no one was born in high heels, so no one has a head start. Sign up for dance classes to work on those turns or use a supermarket trolley, or buggy, as your stabilizer and take those new shoes for a spin.

  5. Cinderella ditched the heels at midnight and so can you. Try to take heels off before they take off a layer of skin. With heels think: Compromise or COMPEED® it.

  6. Take heed from the Ugly Sisters: the shoe (your shoe!) must fit. Never shop with tired, swollen or wounded feet – window shop online till your feet have forgiven you.

  7. Don’t be a fashion victim: the guillotine chopped off heads, shoes need construction and heels but also consider comfort.

  8. Only wear abstract inventions if you have insurance or are seated.

  9. Classic heels work best for a reason – love your feet and they will love you.

  10. There is no such thing as having too many shoes.