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Bunions are hard lumps usually found on the outside of your big toe joint. If you’ve got bunions, you don’t need to be told how painful they can be. Fortunately, COMPEED®Bunion Plasters are designed to fit discreetly around your foot for instant relief from pressure, helping you get back on your feet.


Bunions are hard lumps on the side of your feet, most often on the big toe joint, caused by a lateral movement of your first metatarsal. Your big toe starts to point inwards, and the other end of your big toe bone starts to point outwards. The protrusion can be extremely painful, with the area becoming inflamed in response to the constant pressure from shoes. Bunions are thought to be mostly genetic, and are more common in older females. Whilst the condition is commonly thought to be the result of wearing badly fitting shoes, this remains to be scientifically proven.


The only permanent cure for bunions is surgery, although the pressure and friction from badly fitting shoes can make things more inflamed and can lead to painful blisters and other foot problems. COMPEED ® Bunion Plasters can offer instant pain relief, discreetly cushioning the area to protect it from pressure and friction.


The most important thing you can do is wear wider, properly fitting shoes to avoid unnecessary pressure. Properly cushioning the area (especially on those occasions that demand fabulous shoes) can help prevent the condition worsening. COMPEED ® Bunion Plasters are designed to act like an extremely comfortable second skin, cushioning the area to prevent pain, swelling, blisters and further hardening of the skin.