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What heels to wear when

… Going on a date

Try to pick a pair appropriate to the occasion, and the partner. Do you want to tower over them? Dress to impress rather than intimidate.

… Going to a wedding

Avoid white unless you are the bride. White picks up every stain, puddle, grassy-tackle. If attending a summer wedding, and will be standing out on the lawn, or a beach, think ahead – will you have to balance on your toes to keep heels from sinking – well what about wearing wedges? Can you grab coasters to discretely rest your heels on? Style in time saves blisters.

… Going for a job interview

Think ‘meeting the in-laws’ same idea applies. You want to dress your best, but this (usually) means not your most seductive. Leave shoes with hazardous heel at home. You want to be a catch, not trip and hope to be caught.

Remember – New shoes are lovely

But always wear in your new shoes before wearing out – even if its love at first sight you need to get used to each other before you go out and paint the town.