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COMPEED® Cracked Heel Overnight Cream

Product Description

Moisturizes and repairs dry skin

COMPEED®Cracked Heel Overnight Cream contains a unique blend of Urea and Lactic Acid and intensively moisturises to improve the appearance of cracked heels while you sleep.

How to use

Apply generously twice a day on areas of dry & rough skin to leave skin looking and feeling more beautiful, soft and smooth.

How it Works

COMPEED® Cracked Heel Overnight Cream contains a unique blend of Urea and Lactic Acid. It is pleasant to use thanks to its rapidly absorbed, non greasy texture, and is proven to:

  • Improve the appearance of cracked heels overnight. *
  • Fully repair even severe skin cracks within 4 weeks.
  • Be safe and effective for diabetics.
  • Improve the appearance of nails.

* 92% of participants agreed COMPEED® ‘improved the appearance of cracked heels overnight’. Test conducted amongst 231 women, 93 of whom suffered heel crack (Italy & Germany, 2005).

Q & A

What are cracked heels?
The skin around the back of the heel can crack, leading to unsightly fissures. Left alone, these cracks may split open, causing considerable pain and discomfort.

What causes cracked heels?
Dry skin is less flexible and more likely to crack. Heels are more vulnerable when exposed, so wearing flip flops or sandals can aggravate the condition.

How do I treat cracked heels?
Moisturising your feet twice daily can help prevent unsightly fissures from progressing to cracked heels. Once the skin has healed continue with your daily moisturisation regime to keep skin soft and hydrated. If symptoms persist seek a podiatrist.

How can I prevent cracked heels?
Heels are more likely to crack when they are exposed, particularly when wearing sandals or flip flops. In these cases, moisturise your feet with COMPEED® Crakced Heel Overnight Cream twice daily to prevent cracks from developing.


COMPEED® Cracked Heel

COMPEED® Cracked Heel

Intensively moisturise to revitalise & regenerate cracked heels while you sleep with COMPEED® Overnight Cracked Heel Cream.

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