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How To Survive in High Heels

High Heels Guide

The Unstoppable Woman steps from off-duty to iconic faster than a slick of lip-gloss. She’s the diplomat, the scholar, the seductress, the philosopher, the romantic, the warrior, the nurturer and all life’s muses in one. She’s also often in high heels.

As fashion week strides from New York to London, Milan to Paris models walk miles of runway in sky-high heels… OK, we might not have as many designer moments, or be photographed at every step, but why not equip yourself with some Soul to Sole SOS?

Here – Camilla Morton, Author of HOW TO WALK IN HIGH HEELS, writes the ultimate guide to the walk, the wiggle, the woman, as well as the preparation and pampering, that will ensure your feet are as fabulous as your shoes, featuring exclusive illustrations by Jordi Labanda.

Welcome to the world of the Unstoppable Woman!